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ASUS Eee PC Launch @ SITEX 2007

Members of the public try out the new Eee PC.

The Eee PC has a VGA output, as demoed aboved. With video out capabilities, it can be used as a very powerful yet ultra-portable presentation tool.

Throngs of people were in the ASUS Eee PC event tentage trying out the new Eee PCs set up for public use, way before the official launch timing of the PC.

Age is not a barrier when using the Eee PC. With the built-in system’s unrivalled ease of use, everything is just a simple point-and-click.

One of the many happy faces in the queue. She had just won herself an Eee PC skin!

Quick reflexes together with some knowledge of the Eee PC, and you could find yourself getting a free Eee PC skin.

The snake-like queue at about 12pm. Note that the actual sales only begins at 2pm.

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