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The core on the EAX1800XT TOP. From the looks of it, it
looks exactly like the one we saw on the PowerColor X1800XT. It is made on the 42nd week of this year.

Similar to the PowerColor X1800XT card we saw a while ago, the
EAX1800XT TOP comes with the 1.25ns Samsung GDDR3 modules. These fast memory
modules are rated at 1.6GHz by default – right on the mark where ASUS has
clocked them.

The ASUS EAX1800XT TOP comes with this ATi Rage Theater chip,
that provides VIVO (particularly, ATi’s AVIVO technology) functionally on
the card. This is a standard feature present on all reference X1800XT cards.

This is how the fan looks like when it’s removed from the
card. Probably due to its superiority in size, this cooling solution is
extremely quiet when in operation. However, does the fan reminds you of Arctic
Cooling family of VGA Silencers?

Indeed, the fan is designed and bought over from Arctic
Cooling. However, this particular fan design is not the usual VGA Silencers you
can buy off shelves. The cooling solution for this card appears to be a
specially custom designed one.

After removing the large plastic shroud with the fan attached,
this is what’s left of the heatsink. Typical to most cooling solutions from
Arctic Cooling, the heatsink is an aluminum finned, copper based one. Heatpipes
are deployed to ensure heat can be transferred efficiently from the epicenter
(where the die of the core is) to the fin area. The large but slow and
quiet spinning fan will draw air in to cool down the fins.

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