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ASUS E600 Windows Phone 7 retailing soon

ASUS E600 Windows Phone

ASUS may have broken off with Garmin in the joint-production of smartphones, but the Taiwanese maker is still going strong. Aside from their Android devices, ASUS is also offering smartphones based on the latest Windows Phone 7 platform. And from online sources, the ASUS E600 Windows Phone will be retailing soon and could be with AT&T in US.

In September, pictures of an ASUS smartphone running Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system were leaked, with no details on its specifications and availability, Recently, more information for the phone is out: it is an ASUS E600 Windows Phone 7 which will be retailing soon on the market.

The ASUS E600 has a simple yet fashionable design, which fits the style of most Windows Phone 7. It sports a 4-inch WVGA touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera, has 3.5mm audio jack and supports Wi-Fi and GPS.

It will be selling at AT&T in US as well as Canada. No news as to when the ASUS E600 will be available in Europe or Asia.

Source: xda.cn

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