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ASUS Announces Xtion PRO Developer Challenge

ASUS has announced the start of a new competition designed to showcase the exciting features of the new ASUS Xtion PRO. With over US$24,000 up for grabs, creativity and ingenuity is a must as competition will be fierce. In addition to the cash prizes, participants will have a chance to earn future business cooperation opportunities with ASUS.

Do you remember the short story about ASUS's new motion sensing controller for PCs, the WAVI Xtion, that we published some three weeks back? Well, if you do, you might possibly be wondering how developers or programmers might be able to find a use for it. After all, full body motion sensing controllers are still somewhat new and unfamiliar territory to many, and it is understandable if developers are regarding this new trend with some degree of scepticism. 

Apparently, ASUS is fully aware of this issue, and is keen on ensuring that the Xtion controller receives the developer support it needs to create its own market. To achieve that, the Taiwanese OEM has announced a developer competition for the Xtion, in which programmers will pit themselves against each other by attempting to design applications that take full advantage of the Xtion's capabilities.

The rules of the competition are fairly straight-forward: developers who wish to take part should ensure that their applications are written in either C++ or C#, and that the resulting software be fully compatible with the Xtion controller. In addition, developers are required to ensure that their applications meet the following criteria:

Developers will be given free reign over the kind of application they wish to design, although ASUS has stated that the finished software should fall into either one of three categories, namely Games, Multimedia and Miscellaneous. 

Last but definitely not least,developers are also required to provide a short two-minute video to explain their applications, and how users can use the Xtion controller to interact with it.

If that sounds like something that is right up your alley, you might want to start cracking: the competition has already commenced and will run until 31 May this year. And with over US$24,000 in prize money up for grabs, we'd wager that things are about to get really competitive in no time.

More information about the competition can be obtained here.

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