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ASUS announces new B-series business notebooks with Sonata batteries

Give most standard notebook batteries a year of charge-discharge cycles, and chances are they would only retain slightly more than half their original capacity after that period. For busy professionals who are always on the move with their notebooks, that usually spells trouble. And that is precisely the kind of trouble ASUS is looking to avoid with its new B-series notebooks.

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When it comes down to enterprise notebook usage, businesses have markedly different priorities as opposed to consumers. While a consumer might change notebooks every two years or so, business notebooks are usually kept in service for a much longer period, and batteries incapable of holding their charge after prolonged usage are probably every traveling professional’s nightmare.

Of course, getting new batteries would solve the problem, but even that solution brings along the issue of added cost. And if the added cost of extra batteries does not sound like something you would want to spend on, ASUS’s new B-series notebooks should be just what such professionals are looking for.

Specifically, the real draw of ASUS’s new B-series notebooks lies in the batteries being used. More specifically, ASUS is offering customers the popular Boston-Power Sonata batteries as part of the notebook’s standard configuration. For those who are unfamiliar, the Sonata batteries are unique Lithium-ion cells which are not only capable of achieving an 80% charge in a mere half hour, but also being able to retain up to 80% of its original capacity even after more than 800 charge-discharge cycles, making them ideal for heavy long-term usage. In fact, the batteries are so lasting that ASUS is actually backing it up with a three-year warranty, a duration almost unheard of for most conventional lithium-ion cells.

We also managed to obtain some additional technical data about the Sonata batteries, as shown below.

Of course, that is not to say that the new B-series notebooks do not have their own attractions. Being business-grade machines, they come with various corporate-centered features such as Intel Anti-Theft, a scratch-proof aluminum casing, spill-resistant keyboards and AMD Eyefinity (selected models) for multi-screen output.

Unfortunately, there is no news of local availability, so do check back for updates.

Sources: ASUS, Boston-Power

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