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Asus announces the Mars 760 video card

Asus’ latest video card combines two Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 GPUs in a single unit and offers a 39 percent faster gaming performance than the GTX Titan.

ASUS MARS760-4GD5_with box

Asus has launched the Mars 760 Tuesday, its latest performance card geared towards gamers.

The card is a combination of two Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 GPUs, and delivers a gaming performance that is faster than the GeForce GTX Titan. In games like Bioshock Infinite, the Mars 760 is 6 percent faster. In Crysis 3, it is 14 percent faster, with a 39 performance increase in performance on games like Tomb Raider over the GTX Titan.

The card connects through a PCI-E 3.0 slot, and comes with a total of 4096MB GDDR5 memory (2048 MB per GPU) with a 512-bit memory interface. The core clock is at 1008 MHz, and can go as high as 1072 MHz in boost mode, with the memory clock at 6600MHz. The card comes with two dual-link DVI-I ports, one dual-link DVI-D port, one Mini DisplayPort port and an HDMI out.

The Mars 760 features a lot of exclusive Asus technologies like DirectCU II cooling. The card has eight copper cooling pipes that come in contact with both GPUs, which allows it to run 20 percent cooler. The addition of two 90 mm fans increases the airflow by six times when seen against a reference GTX 760 card.

The card also comes with Asus’ DIGI+ voltage-regulation module (VRM), which has a 12-phase power design that increases efficiency by 15 percent and reduces noise by 30 percent. The module also increases longevity of the card by two-and-a-half times over the reference card. The card’s aluminium back plate allows for more stability, and adds to the durability.

Another feature that Asus has made available with the card is an exclusive utility called GPU Tweak. The overclocking utility lets users easily change memory clock speeds and voltages, fan speeds and power-consumption thresholds. There is also a VRM-frequency tuning facility that gives users a lot of control when it comes to overclocking.

GPU Tweak comes with a streaming tool that lets gamers broadcast their games live on the Internet. There is also the facility to add scrolling text and images to the streaming window.

The Mars 760 will be available starting December 15 and will cost around $750.

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