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ASUS, Albatron, Biostar, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit, Sparkle 9600GT Cards

Albatron has announced the 9600GT-512X, a new erformance?VGA card that is
already making waves. At more than 80% faster than any 8600 class card, this
card will be coming in at prices close to existing leader cards in the same
segment. This means that it a no-brainer if you are shopping for a Performance
or budget-Enthusiast card. The GPU on this card features 65nm process technology
which allows the card to run cool and fast with a thin and quiet fan system.

65 nm Process Technology: Lower Power Consumption, Cooler Temperatures,
Performance Increase

As mentioned, the GPU on this card sports the new 65 nm Process Technology. This
compact circuitry provides lower power consumption leading to cooler
temperatures. The cooler temperatures, in effect, allows for the use of quieter
and thinner fans. Subsequently, thinner fans mean that the card overall
thickness will not encroach on adjacent expansion slots like enthusiast cards.
In addition, more compact circuitry also means shorter distances for the data to
travel, increasing GPU performance. The GPU is an NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600GT with a
core clock of 650 MHz and 64 stream processors.

The rest of the Specifications

This board boasts the latest memory technology, giving users 512 MB of fast DDR3
memory (1800 MHz) using a 256-bit bus. The panel connectors include two DVI
connectors and an HDTV-out connector. It supports Dual-Link HDCP and is SLITM
ready. The board has a PCI Express x16 connector (PCIe 2.0).

9600GT-512X: To exciting to pass up? Just check it out and see?

If youe in the market for a Performance Class VGA card, youe timed it just
right, as the 9600GT-512X moves right up to the top of the heap with a lot of
fanfare and competitive prices. It just going to be too hard to pass up.

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