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Unlike it’s younger brother, the ASUS A8R MVP, this board comes in full glossy black

This is how the 2 boards compare in terms of physical appearance:

As seen from the picture, the A8R32 provides a wider space between PCI Express
slot 1 and PCI Express slot 2. This allows more room for third party cooler
upgrades on your Cross Fire capable video cards should you be running 2 of them
side by side.

Even if you do not plan on switching over to any third party coolers, the additional
space between dual video cards is very welcomed in my opinion. It provides more
breathing space between 2 high-end cards which produce a tremendous amount of
heat (ie, the X1900XTX), and this will help in preventing cases of over-heating when the user runs a less-airy case setup. This comes at an expense though, a
PCI slot has been moved up to the slot right above PCI Express slot 2, leaving
only 2 PCI Expansion slots left below your second video card slot.

Another advantage we see on the A8R32 is that the power and voltage regulation/management seems to be more robust on first sight with the better component
set used in this area. It also spots better capacitors as compared to the A8R
MVP. I suppose these things are to be pre-supposed when you compare a no-frills
value board against a deluxe board. The A8R32 MVP however, is based on 3-phase
power only, a let-down compared to it’s counterpart, the ASUS A32N SLI Deluxe,
which features 8 phase power. I believe this will make a difference when overclocking
a Dual Core CPU whereby power consumption is stretching the present 3 phase
powered boards.

The rear I/O port area made up by 1 PS/2 mouse port, 1 PS/2 keyboard port,
1S/PDIF RCA jack, 1 IEEE 1394 port, 2 x Gigabit LAN ports, 1 parallel port,
4 USB 2.0/1.1 ports and 6-chanel audio ports.

The Realtek ALC882 propvides High Definition Audio, which is quite a good deal
you get accoustically for something that comes in the whole “grocery bag”.

The Silicon Image Sil3132 provides support for 1 x Internal Serial ATA 3 Gb/s
hard disk, 1 x External Serial ATA 3 Gb/s hard disk and of course RAID 0, 1

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