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ASRock’s Z87 Extreme11 is the king of storage

4K video editors and data moguls can now rejoice!  Thanks to two onboard LSI SAS chipsets, the upcoming ASRock Z87 Extreme 11 motherboard natively supports up to an unprecedented 22 SAS/SATA devices attached to the system, which should make quite the storage powerhouse.


The storage subsystem is made up of a LSI SAS3008 + 3 x 24R controller (which enables 16 ports), on top of the six 6Gb/s ports wired from the Z87 Lynx Point PCH. The ASRock Z87 Extreme 11 also comes with Intel Thunderbolt and 4 PCIe x16 slots (via a PLX 8747 switch), so you could probably hook up even more external storage or add SAS/SATA controllers.


Over at ASRock’s Nangang booth at Computex, the company hooked up 22 Plextor SSDs and put them in a RAID-0 array to show off the massive I/O capabilities available in such a setup. Alternatively, one could use 22 4tB drives to make a huge 88tB datastore.


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