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ASRock UEFI BIOS Gets Web-Update Feature

ASRock's latest innovation is a web-based BIOS update feature within the UEFI Setup program. Say goodbye to USB flash drives and command-line based BIOS flashing. 

AMI UEFI and its setup program SDK has thrown open a wave of innovation from motherboard vendors, trying to cram in every feature they can think of, into the system BIOS setup program. Some of the wackier ones are web-browsers and media-players, but perhaps a more sensible new one is a web-based BIOS update utility within the setup program, courtesy ASRock. 

ASRock's newest UEFI BIOS setup program can update itself by downloading the latest BIOS ROM image from the web, if you can point it to a working Internet connection. Basic network/IP configuration, including PPPoE authentication can be made within the setup program. Once configured, the utility, called Internet Flash, looks up the latest version of the BIOS for your motherboard on the web, downloads it, and updates itself. 

The new BIOS update method from ASRock beats every other solution in terms of ease of use. You no longer need to find the right BIOS ROM image from the Internet and copy it onto a USB flash drive, or need an OS installation (to use Windows-based utilities that perform web-update of system BIOS), or even use ancient command-line based update methods, in which one wrong command-line argument can brick your motherboard. 

ASRock's new Internet Flash feature will come standard with upcoming products. Some currently-launched motherboards could get the feature with a BIOS update. Only this one time, you'd have to update the "old" way (using a USB flash drive). 

Source: Expreview

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