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Asetek wins the 2013 DatacenterDynamics EMEA award for innovative liquid cooling solution

Danish organization Asetek wins the innovation award for its RackCDU cooling solution.


Asetek’s RackCDU was voted winner amongst four finalists at the DatacenterDynamics EMEA awards gala. RackCDU is a liquid cooling solution that is designed for use in data centres. Organizations invest a lot of money in ensuring that their servers run cool, with Google launching a data center in Hamina, Finland to take advantage of surrounding seawater that can be used to cool its servers efficiently. Energy bills from a data center can run into the billions, with a study by Asetek revealing that in the U.S. alone, 86 billion kilowatt hours is used for cooling servers.

The RackCDU cooling solution is Asetek’s answer to an organization’s energy woes. RackCDU removes heat directly from the CPUs, GPUs and memory modules and funnels it away from the servers. The resulting heat returning can then be used for heating the building. The RackCDU comes with a dry air cooler that cools the liquid down once it is outside the data center, and the same liquid is then funneled back into the center.

The cooling system can be mounted directly onto server racks, with Asetek claiming that all kinds of servers will work with the RackCDU cooling solution. The first institution to use the RackCDU in a live setting was the Mississippi State University, which used the cooling solution on a Cray CS300-LC system. Another order of the RackCDU was delivered to a university late last month.

The annual DatacenterDynamics Awards are now in their sixth year, and are widely regarded as one of the most coveted awards in the data center field.  Asetek won the Future Thinking & Design Concepts award for the RackCDU cooling solution.

Source: Asetek

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