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Art. Lebedev Studio announces new Optimus Mini Six keyboard, no launch date or details revealed

A product announcement with no estimated launch date, product images or renders, pricing and availability details sounds like nothing more but glorified vapourware, right? That may be the case, but it still does not change the fact that Art. Lebedev Studio’s plans for a Mini Three successor is definitely a looker in all aspects. Anyone fancy a fist-sized, six-button quick access OELD keyboard for work use?

*Note: Image above is that of the Mini Three and not the Mini Six.

When it comes to digital productivity, the idea of having one-button access to a wide variety of applications and communication tools has already transcended past the notion of being a novelty to one of outright necessity. And this is especially true in an office environment, where emails and sent out almost on an hourly basis and colleagues are freely sending work requests via instant messengers and online social networking clients.

And while we are not going to deny that most of the available keyboards that are designed for use in such environments already sport such features, there is still something about such keyboards that leave a lot to be desired: their artistic appeal. Needless to say, there are no prizes for guessing what kind of consumers Art. Lebedev Studios are planning to target with their new Optimus Mini Six keyboard, which is intended to succeed the earlier Optimus Mini Three and is still currently at the concept stage of the development process.

Remember what we said earlier about a product not having any launch date, pricing or availability details, and not even a single product render or image? Well, that is exactly what is happening with the Optimus Mini Six keyboard right now: with almost no details other than an informal announcement of the product’s development on a LiveJournal entry. Which, in all truthfulness, is probably less than useful in giving prospective consumers an idea of what to expect about the upcoming keyboard.

That being said, MacNN is speculating that the Optimus Mini Six keyboard will sport many similarities with the Mini Three it is intended to replace. Examples of such similarities include the use of energy-efficient OLED screens that serve as the keyboard buttons’ displays, along with some degree of customization to allow users to bind specific commands to each key. Last but not least, the Mini Six’s name has all but given away the fact that it will sport six buttons instead of the three found on its predecessor.

However, with nothing but a simple LiveJournal entry to announce the introduction of the Mini Six keyboard, it is highly possible that the Mini Six is nothing more than a very well-designed piece of vapourware. Do check back for updates, but don’t hold your breath: as much as we would want the Mini Six to be a real product, chances are you are better off not holding out for its release anytime in the near future. That being said, we really won’t be surprised to see any OEM like Apple come up with its own OLED keyboard if this concept proves to be a hit with consumers.

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