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ARCTIC Sound P301, P311 and P402 Headphones Review

ARCTIC supplies the P311 headset in a bright white cardboard box, the simple theme of which revolves around a picture of the headset itself. The box is more than sturdy enough to keep the headset safe during transportation.

The top side of the box can be opened, partially revealing the headset, some basic folding instructions and its most basic features in 12 languages.

Bundled with the headset, users will acquire a very basic instructions leaflet, an USB cable and a very nice looking hard transportation case. Unfortunately, there is no wall charger and thus the headset can be only charged via an USB port, unless of course an A/C USB charger is purchased separately.

We received the black version of the P311 headset, which also comes in white, blue, red and green. The back of the plastic drivers is sprayed with high gloss paint while the support is made out of lightweight, corona treated soft plastic. ARCTIC developed this headset for extended mobility and thus went with a supra aural neckband design, which takes little space and allows the headset to stay into position while the wearer is moving.

One of the greatest features of this headset is its ability to be folded, allowing it to take minimal space during storage. This is especially useful for athletes as they will take minimal space inside a backpack.

Almost every feature of the P311 has been installed on the right piece of the headset. Around the large central button, which is used to turn the device on or off and to answer incoming calls, ARCTIC placed the volume and basic media navigation controls. The charging port and the built-in microphone are also present.

The soft cushions hide two fairly large drivers, considering this is a Bluetooth headset. It is interesting to note that these drivers are particularly loud and, depending on the playback device, the sound level can reach up to the point that it will be damaging for the user’s eardrums.

As this headset is made for sports and outdoor activities, including the fact that the cups have been designed to partially block external noises, we honestly do not think that it would be a good idea to be using them at high volumes while jogging/cycling/etc. in urban areas, especially while near or on a road.

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