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ARCTIC Freezer i30 CPU Cooler Review

The difficulty of the installation of the ARCTIC Freezer i30 cooler is on par with the majority of the tower coolers currently available. It is not a very easy but not a troublesome process either. The Intel 775/1155/1156/1366 socket installation is demonstrated in this review. In order to begin with the installation of the cooler, the user needs to place the backplate at the rear part of the motherboard. This can be performed with the motherboard still installed inside a case, provided that the motherboard tray is cut open behind the CPU.

Once the backplate is in place, the user needs to install the metallic retention brackets using the provided screws and plastic spacers. This part of the installation will require a bit of finesse, especially if the motherboard is still inside a case.

When the metallic retention brackets are installed in place and a thin layer of thermal grease has been placed on the CPU core, the cooler needs to be firmly tightened onto the CPU by using the provided screws. The fan will have to be removed prior to this step. A very long Philips screwdriver, or at least one with a very narrow handle, is essential for this step.

While the Freezer i30 appears enormous when installed on the CPU core, it is not larger than most typical high performance tower coolers. It is very tall and of significant mass; however, it will not go anywhere near the RAM module slots and will not obstruct the installation of any components.

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