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ARCTIC Freezer 13 CPU Cooler Review

The installation of the Freezer 13 is nothing short of child’s play. The AMD socket (AM2/AM3/FM1) installation is demonstrated in this review. In order to prepare the cooler for installation, the user only has to pull off the cooler’s fan and attach the three-pronged clips at both sides of the cooler’s base by using the supplied screws. Do not tighten the clips before placing the cooler on the CPU.

Since the cooler comes with the thermal grease pre-applied, the user will then only have to place the cooler on the CPU core and tighten both clips until they both tightly grip the motherboard’s stock retention bracket. Throw the fan back on and the installation is complete. The dimensions of the cooler make it highly unlikely to block any of the RAM slots no matter how close to the CPU socket they might be, allowing the user to install RAM modules with heatsinks of any height.

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