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Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 PLUS CPU Cooler Review

The installation of the Alpine 11 is not difficult, yet it is rather complex considering this is a budget-level cooler designed to replace stock coolers. The Intel Socket 1155 installation is demonstrated in this review.

In order to prepare the cooler for installation, the user first needs to install the plastic retention brackets on the motherboard. Plastic studs need to be inserted into the motherboard’s cooler mounting holes.

In order to secure the plastic studs, four plastic locks need to be inserted into them. If you ever need to remove the cooler, a small set of pliers will most likely be necessary in order to pull out the locks.

Once the plastic retention brackets are secured onto the motherboard, the user simply needs to place the Alpine 11 PLUS on the CPU and secure it by tightening the provided screws with a Philips PH2 screwdriver. Since the cooler comes with the thermal grease pre-applied, the user does not have to worry about applying thermal grease correctly; however, if another cooler was being used before this one, the CPU needs to be thoroughly cleaned before the installation of the Alpine 11.

Once installed on a motherboard, the Alpine 11 would appear archaic to most enthusiasts, especially most experienced ones who have worked with Pentium 3/Athlon XP computers in the past. The dimensions of the cooler make it highly unlikely to block any of the RAM slots no matter how close to the CPU socket they might be, allowing the user to install RAM modules with heatsinks of any height.

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