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Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 PLUS CPU Cooler Review

Simple and minimalistic are two words which can easily describe the Alpine 11 PLUS. The cooler appears as if it came out from the Pentium 3 era, resembling an oversized Pentium 3 stock cooler. The 92mm white bladed fan is pre-installed on the cooling body. Bad news is that the fan’s frame proprietary, engulfing the cooling fins and securing the fan onto the cooler, meaning that you cannot choose to install another fan or replace this one in case of failure. On the other hand, good news is that this is a very high quality fan.

There is little to comment about this cooling body, except that it really is extremely simple. Rectangular fins are placed in parallel perpendicularly to the cooler’s base. It is clear that like most basic coolers, the Alpine 11 PLUS relies on raw heat dissipation surface and mass alone. The simplicity of the aluminum body however also offers minimal airflow resistance, reducing turbulence noise.

The company supplies the Alpine 11 with their MX4 thermal paste pre-applied, which is one of the best thermal paste products the company currently produces; perhaps a little unnatural choice for a basic cooler. The aluminum base of the cooler is well machined, although not polished down to a mirror finish.

As we mentioned above, the white bladed fan is using a proprietary frame which allows is to be mounted onto the aluminum cooling body. The 92mm fan has a maximum speed of 2000RPM, which is quite fast (and relatively noisy; the fan will be clearly audible at that speed) but it is PWM-controlled, therefore its actual speed will be controlled by the motherboard. Finally, the fan’s cable is sleeved. 

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