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Architect wants to use 3D printer to build house

You know 3D printing has built itself a solid foundation when an architect is willing to use the technology to build a house utilizing the printer’s capabilities.

Janjaap Ruijssenaars of Universe Architecture in Amsterdam has designed a building that can be built partially using a 3D printer.  The ambitious architect teamed up with mathematician and artist Rinus Roelofs to develop the project, and is planning to have the actual building “printed out” by 2014.

The concept involves printing out 6x9m pieces using the D-Shape 3D printer, and then fitting the parts together to complete the building.  Designed by Italian inventor Enrico Dini, the D-shape 3D printer is capable of printing huge 3D objects using thin layers of sand and an inorganic binder.  As reinforcement to the 3D printed pieces, the building will be reinforced with concrete to achieve structural stability.

In essence, the “3D printed building” won’t actually comprise of purely printed pieces, but rather whatever comes out of the printing machine will have their roles played out in the “looks” department.  According to Ruijssenaars, the printed pieces will play an active role in the building’s form only.

“It will be the first 3D printed building in the world.  I hope it can be opened to the public when it’s finished.” Ruijssenaars said.

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