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Apple’s iPhone 5 will not support NFC technology

When so many websites devoted to sniffing out rumours about Apple's upcoming products seem to agree on a certain point, it is almost always the truth, right? Well, apparently not: the rumour that Apple will be supporting NFC in its upcoming iPhone 5 has seemingly been debunked by reports claiming that the Cupertino giant has gone round to carriers to inform them that it has no plans to support the technology, at least for now.

Yep, you read the headline right. After months of speculation about the various kinds of technology Apple may support with their upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 5, it seems that the latest turn of events have proven once again that the truth can sometime hurt. Apparently, all the rumours about the iPhone 5 featuring a Near Field Communications (NFC) module has been overturned, thanks to a news report made by the Independent.

According to the report, several large mobile operators in the UK have disclosed to the Independent that Apple has confirmed the lack of NFC support on the iPhone 5, with the Cupertino giant attributing its reluctance solely to the "lack of a clear standard across the industry". 

Ironically, Apple has been said to be working on its own implementation of NFC which will allow an upcoming version of its smartphone to link purchases via its iTunes software, and is likely to be a proprietary implementation at that.

Source: Independent

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