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Apple TV content update brings Yahoo Screen and PBS

Continuing the addition of new content sources, the Yahoo Screen and PBS apps for Apple TV set-top box have now been released.


Over the past few months the Apple TV’s content offering has been greatly improved, with apps like HBO, ESPN and Disney Channel bringing their respective content. Having access to great content is vital to succeed in the smart TV market, and Apple has slowly but surely been building up the content offering on its set-top box. The latest update brings two apps, PBS and Yahoo Screen.

Last month Yahoo Screen app for iOS was launched. The app recreates the channel surfing experience on mobile devices, it contains short video clips from programs like Saturday Night Live, The Colbert Report as well as from original Yahoo programming and live news and events. The app and all of the sources it pulls videos from are now available on the Apple TV, users don’t need to subscribe to the service. All they need is an internet connection and an Apple TV.

PBS isn’t streaming all of its content through the app, just some particular shows like Frontline and Downton Abbey. Regarding the latter, season 2 and season 3 will be aired until December and new season 4 episodes that air in January will also be available for streaming via Apple TV after the initial broadcast.

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