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Apple to release a 15-inch ultra-thin notebook soon?

Apple's notebooks are well known in the market for both their design and aesthetic appeal. However, it is also common knowledge that the Cupertino giant is never content with staying still and potentially letting the competition catch up, especially where the aforementioned aspects are concerned. And apparently, Apple is already taking steps to ensure that will never happen, especially if the rumours of the company having plans to release a new 15-inch ultra-thin notebook are of any indication.

Apple may have made the headlines when it first introduced its ultrathin Macbook Air notebook for sale all over the world, but it seems that the Cupertino giant is all set to repeat that feat once again some time in the near future. Apparently, word has it that Apple is currently working on what is reportedly another ultrathin Mac notebook that will sport a 15-inch display, and the company is already well into the "late testing stages" in the developement of such an notebook.

Details about the aforementioned ultra-thin 15-inch Mac notebook are scarce, but a report published by MacRumors has suggested that Apple may be planning to integrate the Macbook Air's design elements into the Macbook Pro lineup. This suggestion makes sense, considering how Apple has traditionally limitted the sale of laptops sporting displays equal to or larger than 15-inches to that of its professional notebook lineup. In addition, MacRumours is also claiming that the ultrathin 15-inch Mac notebook is most likely to lose the optical drive, while its storage capabilities are said to be provided by the mSATA SSDs which are currently used in the company's Macbook Air notebooks. Lastly, the new ultra-thin 15-inch Mac notebook has been speculated to be made available for sale "in time for Christmas" this year.

Source: MacRumors

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