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Apple sued over faulty iPhone 4 power button

A new class action lawsuit is claiming that the iPhone 4 has a defective power button which Apple knew about but didn’t disclose during sale.

A Florida woman named Debra Hilton is heading a class action lawsuit demanding more than $5 million from Apple on behalf of iPhone owners who bought defective phones that could not be locked or turned off. In the lawsuit, which was filed in San Jose, California, Ms. Hilton claims that Apple knew about a defect in a flex cable that controls the on-off button, but chose not to disclose anything in order to sell more phones.

There's the culprit!


As evidence, she points to Apple’s forums, on which users have complained about wobbly power buttons. Hilton also points to an instructional repair video on YouTube and comments made by a self-described iPhone repairman who says the power button is a prevalent defect on the iPhone 4, which went on sale in 2010.

Apple has not commented on the lawsuit, which claims the defect typically arises shortly after the one year warranty expires, forcing customers to pay $149 for repairs. Hilton is suing Apple under the RICO statue, a federal racketeering law commonly used to shut down organized crime, but which has become a vehicle for national class action lawsuits. The lawsuit accuses Apple of breaking California’s unfair competition laws.

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