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Apple starts “aggressive” hiring of iWatch designers, release expected in 2014

Apple is said to be “aggressively” hiring designers for the iWatch, which it plans on releasing in 2014.


Apple has reportedly been facing unspecified problems with the iWatch project that they have not been able to solve. For this reason, the company is looking for and hiring people who can work on those complex engineering problems. Apple is also said to be considering acquisition of smaller firms that may be able to help in the iWatch project. It is believed that at the moment, several dozen people are working on Apple’s wearable gadget.

There have been many rumors in the past as well that Apple has dedicated quite a bit of human resource of this project. Back in February it was said that the company had pulled in over 100 designers to specifically work on the iWatch. Just earlier this month the company hired Paul Deneve, the ex-CEO of Yves Saint Laurent to work on “special projects.” Some believe that his expertise in the fashion industry is just one of the reasons why he has been brought in to work on the iWatch.

We’ve heard countless rumors and analyst predictions about iWatch release date, most peg it in 2014.  The company has already filed for iWatch trademark in a number of countries, which lends ear to speculation that it is indeed working on a watch.

Source: [Financial Times]

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