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Apple scores patent suit win against Samsung in Japan

A court in Tokyo has ruled in favour of Apple, saying that several Samsung smartphones as well as a tablet infringe on Apple’s visual effects patent for touch screen displays. 


Both Apple and Samsung have sued and counter-sued each other in various courts present in various countries around the world. These are usually patent related lawsuits, with either company alleging that the other infringed on its patented technology.

This particular patent is related to the “bounce” effect that an iPhone or iPad’s screen employs once the user scrolls to the very end of a file. Judge Shugeru Osuga of Tokyo District Court has ruled that Samsung’s devices infringe on this Apple patent.

The judge hasn’t provided a timeframe in which the court will rule on how much compensation will Samsung have to pay as damages to Apple. While the Cupertino’s spokesperson in Tokyo has not commented on the ruling, Samsung’s Nam Ki-yung said that the company will review this ruling and will then see if it wants to file an appeal or settle out of court.

Source: [Reuters]

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