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Apple and Samsung to start another round of mediation talks

Both companies are trying yet again to resolve their patent battles outside court.


Apple and Samsung have been fighting it out in court for a long time now. The issue is with patents, Apple claims that some of the Korean manufacturer’s products infringe on few of its patents, while Samsung questions the validity of said patents. They have gone to trial twice in California over the past two years and both times Apple has scored a win, with juries awarding roughly $960 million in damages. Samsung still has legal recourse available, it can go through the appeals circuit and further delay the payment of damages. While that happens, both companies will continue pouring millions into outside law firms. A latest court filing reveals that they have decided to attend a mediation session in hopes of being able to work out these disputes.

This would be a high level session given that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon will be face to face along with only their in-house lawyers. Previously the legal teams met on January 6 in order to discuss “settlement opportunities.” It warrants mentioning here that this isn’t the first time both companies have tried going down this road. They held similar talks about a year back but to no avail.

The mediation session will be held on or before February 19, prior to their court appearance in March. Not much we can do except keep our fingers crossed and hope they work their issues out.

Source: Reuters

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