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Apple and Samsung call quits on litigation outside the U.S.

Both companies have agreed to drop lawsuits against each other in different countries but they will continue to be at each other’s throats in U.S. courts.


One of the longest running legal battles in the technology industry has been fought by Apple and Samsung. They have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to bring each other down in courts around the world and both have won some, lost some. However the endless cycle of lawsuits never seemed to reach an end. This just might the first step towards the complete end of all patent related litigation between both companies.

In a jointly released statement today Apple and Samsung confirmed that they have agreed to drop all litigation outside the United States. The statement does point out that this agreement doesn’t affect any licensing arrangements and that both companies will continue to pursue cases pending in various U.S. courts.

Apple was the first to sue Samsung for patent infringement back in 2011 when it alleged that the company copied the features from its smartphone. Samsung replied in the same spirit by filing suit against the Cupertino company in South Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy and the UK. In five of those countries Apple replied with a countersuit. All of these claims will now be dismissed.

It is still too soon to say what remains of the cases pending in U.S. courts. Perhaps Apple and Samsung will be able to sort out these cases amicably as well, though previous efforts haven’t exactly borne fruit.

Source: WSJ

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