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Apple running out of reasons to keep the iPhone 5C alive

The plastic iPhone hasn’t been doing well, and more evidence has surfaced to further substantiate the fact.


What was initially expected to become a hit for Apple in emerging markets did exactly the opposite, and even Apple itself has said iPhone 5C’s performance has been below its expectations. It looks like Apple may have to add the iPhone 5C to its list of flops.

Soon after its release, rumors started circulating that the company had significantly reduced production. Just last week VR-Zone picked up on a rumor claiming that Apple was sitting on as many as three million unsold iPhone 5C units. Some rumors have gone so far as to claim that iPhone 5C production has been ceased completely. Market surveys reveal that consumers lean more towards the iPhone 5S, which has outperformed its sibling by a large margin in almost all markets.

It was believed that the iPhone 5C could do very well in China, though no one expected that it would be priced almost equal to the iPhone 5S. Price is a major factor that deters customers. Umeng, a Chinese analytics network, has created a chart to show traffic generated by the iPhone on its network. The chart shows that four months after iPhone 5’s launch, the smartphone generated seven percent of all traffic. Four months after the iPhone 5S launch, the network sees 12 percent of all traffic being generated by the new iPhone.

iPhone 5C disappoints once again, managing to generate only two percent of the traffic on Umeng’s network even though it has been four months since its launch. For the first time ever, both new iPhones were released in China on the exact same day of their global launch. Both iPhones have also made it to the world’s largest mobile carrier, China Mobile. Analysts expect that as many as 20 million iPhones will be sold on the network this year alone.

In the end it all boils down to what customers want. Apple might have made a very costly mistake with the iPhone 5C, it could end being chalked up as the first iPhone ever to flop. Presumably the reason why recent rumors suggest that iPhone 5C’s plastic body won’t be introduced again.

Source: Ben Evans

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