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Apple reportedly working on liquid cooled iPhones

A new report claims that Apple may be interested in using liquid cooling techniques for future iPhones. Two of their closest competitors HTC and Samsung are also pondering over the technology as well for their own future smartphones. 


It’s not like this ultra-thin heat pipe technology hasn’t been adopted yet. NEC released a smartphone recently called Media X06E which uses a heat pipe for cooling the device down.

The report claims that there are several manufacturers in Taiwan and Japan who are creating 0.6mm heat pipes, but their yield rates are around 30%, which is quite low for vendors the size of Apple and Samsung. These companies are reportedly working “aggressively” to increase yield rates. Apple and its major market rivals are slated to release smartphones with heat pipes inside as early as the fourth quarter of 2013.

It seems logical to go down this road, considering the smartphones are rapidly being upgraded to beefier internal specifications. As more powerful components are put inside, a genuine need for effective heat dissipation arises. Heat pipes are the logical solution for that need.

Source: [DigiTimes]

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