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Apple reportedly receiving bulk of next generation iPad displays from Samsung

It has been reported time and again that Apple wants to end its reliance on Samsung, its arch nemesis in the current global smartphone market. As per a new research report, Apple’s biggest supplier of display panels for the next generation iPad is, ironically, Samsung.


For long Samsung has provided display panels for various Apple devices. The company’s display panel supply chain isn’t limited to Samsung, it has a longstanding partnership with both LG and Sharp. Nevertheless, NPD DisplaySearch reports that Samsung has supplied more panels to Apple in recent months than any of its other suppliers. As per the report, the Korean giant has shipped more than 4.1 million units in the second quarter alone, an 80 percent jump from the 2.3 million units in the first quarter of 2013.

There’s no doubt in the fact that Samsung’s display manufacturing business is well established. It has the pace as well as the capacity to manufacture display panels for Apple. Given how it is expected the mass production of next generation iPad has already begun, we may see this figure rise. Samsung has also been rumored recently of providing display panels for the next generation iPad mini, which has a 7.9 inch display. It is not known right now whether Apple would go for a Retina or non-Retina panel.

Samsung and Apple’s battle in the courts is well documented. Only recently Apple clinched a victory through a U.S. Administration veto on an ITC ruling in favor of Samsung that would have resulted in the ban of sales of several old iOS devices.

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