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Apple reportedly joined other vultures in circling BlackBerry’s carcass

Apple was reported as being one of the vultures that fancied the remains of BlackBerry’s once prosperous mobile business.


According to Reuters, Apple was just one of the many well-known tech companies that were circling BlackBerry’s dying business.  Although BlackBerry’s mobile hardware and software offerings aren’t doing well in the market place, the Ontario-based company still possesses many valuable patents that, if placed into the hands of another, can have a major impact on who can dominate the mobile arena.

We’re not quite sure as to how much effort Apple put into trying to acquire BlackBerry’s intellectual properties, but, according to inside sources, it was clear that the company formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM) didn’t want to sell out itself in parts.

While many wanted to pick and choose what they wanted from BlackBerry, there were a couple of offers from various parties to take the company as a whole.  Most recently, however, Fairfax Financial’s $4.7 billion takeover did not go through, leaving some questioning what the company will do next to stay afloat.

BlackBerry, despite its circumstances, isn’t completely out of the picture yet.  Fairfax and other investors have agreed to inject a sufficient amount of funding into the company to keep it rolling for a little longer.  Thorsten Heins, the man in charge of leading the company to a new era with its BlackBerry 10 platform and hardware, has also been ousted; meaning a fresh perspective with a new leader may bring about some positive change, or at least stop some of the bleeding.

Source: Reuters

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