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Apple reportedly considering IGZO displays for MacBooks

Rumor has it that Apple wants to expand the adoption of IGZO displays to its MacBooks as well. IGZO displays consume less power and are therefore a viable selection if the company wants further increase battery life on MacBooks.


IGZO, or indium gallium zinc oxide, displays are manufactured by companies such as Sharp and LG Display. Industry insiders claim that Apple is in talks with both of these companies. While LG Display is reportedly on track to expand its AMOLED production, Sharp is said to be ramping up production efforts of IGZO displays.

MacBooks that are likely to feature IGZO displays might be released next year. Already we have been seeing benchmarks of alleged next generation MacBook Pro models, however it is believed that these models will be launched this year. Perhaps the adoption of a new display technology will result in design changes for Apple’s laptops, which have largely retained the same design over the past couple of years. A possible redesign has been rumored for the MacBook Air as well, which was refreshed with the latest Haswell processors last month.

IGZO is an oxide semiconductor that is used in TFTs, or Thin Film Transistors, that control a non-conducting substrate like glass. Since oxide semiconductors offer greater electronic mobility, displays need to pull in relatively low power. This would enable the entire device to offer increased battery life. As always, Apple has kept its lips sealed about future plans and we can’t really be sure that future MacBooks will come with IGZO displays until and unless the company makes an announcement.

Source: [ET News]

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