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Apple refreshes MacBook Pro lineup with small spec bump

If you are a Windows user thinking of making the switch to the Mac platform, now may be a good time to make the switch.  The anticipated move sees Apple selectively upgrading its MacBook Pro lineup with new processors, storage and graphics chips.  As has been the case previously, prices for the various models have stayed the same.

Apple's low-end 13-inch MacBook Pro now comes with a 2.4GHz dual-core Core i5 processor with a 500GB hard disk drive (HDD) at SG$1,648; the higher-end model gets a 2.8GHz dual-core i7 and 750GB storage at SG$2,048.  In the meantime, the SG$2,488 15-inch MacBook Pro lineup gets a 2.2GHz quad-core Core i7 processor with a 500GB HDD, while the SG$2,988 model gets a quad-core Core i7 at 2.4GHz with 750GB of storage. 

Finally, the 17-inch MacBook Pro comes with 2.4GHz quad-core Core i7 with a 750GB HDD.  Priced at SG$3,398 for a base unit, it now comes with the option to upgrade to a 2.5GHz quad-core Core i7 CPU and 512GB solid state drive – bringing the price to a whooping SG$5,259 for those with sufficiently deep pockets.

All models come with 4GB of memory, Intel HD Graphics 3000 and Mac OS X Lion preloaded.  The low-end 15-inch model also incorporate an AMD Radeon HD 6750M via automatic graphics switching, while the high-end 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros comes with AMD Radeon HD 6770M.

With Intel's Ivy Bridge expected to arrive in late Q1 or early Q2 next year, Apple is probably waiting for the arrival of the new processors before performing a more substantial refresh of its MacBook Pro family.  With the new 22nm process contributing towards a lower TDP in the new CPUs, new designs that may just not be possible with current-gen Sandy Bridge CPUs may well be in the works.

Source: BGR

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