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Apple opens its sixth store in mainland China

Apple has announced that its new store in Bejing will open on October 20.  

On October 15, Apple's official website announced that the company will open its sixth major retail outlet in mainland China.  It will be located on the bottom floor of APM (formerly the the Sun Dong An mall) of Beijing's Wangfujing area, less than a mile from the city center.  The new store is part of the expansion plans for Wangfujing Street, and is expected to become the largest Apple outlet in Asia.  The store will sell a full range of Apple products and third-party accessories and will have a genius bar for customer service.  

Apple already has two stores in Beijing, one in Sanlitun and one in Xidan.  There are also three in Shanghai; one in Pudong, one in Hong Kong Plaza, and one on East Nanjing Road.  

The opening date of Beijing's new Apple outlet coincides with the iPhone 5's release date in maindland China–October, 20.

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