Apple has been relying on various South Korean firms to supply it with panels for the iPads, but recent reports from various sources are suggesting that Apple will shift its panel productions to non-Korean firms.  That’s yesterday’s news, so today’s tidbit regarding Apple suggests that Apple may shift to TSMC’s 20nm process for future chips instead of continuing to rely on Samsung.

J.T Hsu of Citigroup reportedly informed China Economic News that Apple has been eyeing TSMC, and researching possible use of the firm’s 20nm process for future quad-core chips.  Hsu also indicated that preliminary production may begin next month, with volume production expected to begin near the end of 2013.

Apple took Samsung too court not too long ago, and as it turns out, the California court decided in Apple’s favor and awarded the Cupertino-based firm over $1 billion in damages incurred due to patent infringements by Samsung.

The legal battles between Samsung and Apple are still going, and there seems to be no end to the feud between two of the world’s largest consumer tech firm.  Apple and Samsung have resentments toward each other, but regardless of the bad blood, business is business.

Apple probably just wants better parts for less—hence, the rumored shifts of manufacturing from Korean-based firms.  Taiwan has long been a major hotspot for the PC manufacturing industry, so it's only logical that Apple is looking into better manufacturing processes that will cost less from firms that are based in Taiwan.