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Apple Magic Mouse Lookalike Spotted In…Japan?

Only China can make lookalikes of popular gadgets and consumer electronics, right? Unfortunately, that could not have been further from the truth: apparently, even the Japanese will make their own cloned versions of popular devices ever now and then too. And this time, it is Apple’s Magic Mouse which has been seemingly taken for a ride under a duplicator, albeit with a few minor changes.

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When it comes to drool-worthy PC accessories, it is hard to think of any company whose products and gadgets come close to delivering the same visual appeal that Apple is well-known for. After all, like it or not, Apple’s product designs and presentations are easily light-years ahead of just about every other manufacturer they compete with.

That being said, there are usually two reasons why people do not purchase Apple accessories: either because they are ridiculously overpriced, or because said consumers are staunchly anti-Apple to the point where they refuse to have a single Apple product invade their computing and entertainment habits.  While we can do nothing for those who prefer to make do with cheaper alternatives, Sanwa Supply’s new mouse, the MA-TOUCH will probably appeal to the anti-Apple folks who want to experience the convenience of multi-touch on their Windows PCs but refuse to give up even a dime to the company they hate with a passion.

According to Sanwa, the MA-Touch wireless mouse is capable of recognizing finger gestures and swipes like four-directional scrolling and two-finger swiping. The main difference lies in the supported OS, as Sanwa’s MA-TOUCH is designed for use exclusively in Windows. In contrast, the Apple Magic Mouse will work in Windows but with almost all its multitouch support stripped out, essentially reducing the device to nothing more than a simple mouse with an exorbitant price tag.

In addition, the MA-TOUCH will probably not appeal to users who are stingy with their USB ports. This is due to the fact that it makes use of a small USB dongle for its wireless capabilities, unlike Apple’s Magic Mouse, which makes use of Bluetooth connectivity. That being said, it is unlikely that it will pose much of a problem, as most notebooks in the market today come with at least four USB ports, while desktops usually have at least eight such ports, if not more.

Last but not least, you will remember that we mentioned something about the MA-TOUCH catering to the anti-Apple folks but not the penny-pinchers, and for good reason. This is simply because the MA-TOUCH is not the cheapest mouse in the block: Sanwa’s website lists a retail price of 6090 yen, which translates to approximately US$74.

Source: Sanwa Supply

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