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Apple iTV reportedly delayed due to content securing issues

Apple iTV, the HDTV set that the company is believed to be developing, has reportedly been delayed apparently due to difficulties Apple is facing in securing content.


Rumors about the iTV have been around for quite a long time. Apple is yet to confirm though if it has any intentions of breaking into the smart TV market with a full fledged HDTV set of its own. Many analysts are of the view that the iTV might be launched in 2014, the flames were stoked by Apple CEO Tim Cook a few months back when he said that the company plans on breaking into new product categories next year. However if a new report from DisplaySearch is to be believed, the iTV might have been delayed beyond 2014.

There are already a lot of established players in the smart TV market, so Apple’s offering will have to differentiate itself from the rest. In order to do that, Apple would need to source exclusive content that’s not available to the others or it would need to offer proprietary content only to its iTV customers. This is certainly not an easy task and if the content creators, such as the major networks, don’t see eye to eye with Apple, the company’s TV will definitely not be off to a good start.

The report claims that Apple will shift its focus from the iTV next year and focus a lot more on wearable devices. Does this mean that Apple will finally release the much rumored iWatch in 2014? Time will tell.

Source: DisplaySearch

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