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Apple iTV in three sizes

With a long trail of speculations following the possible emergence of an Apple branded television, a new insider infomation suggests that it will come in three sizes, including a 32-inch and 55-inch model. Will this be enough to go head-to-head against Microsoft's recent television-oriented updates for Xbox 360?

An insider report originating from Japan suggests that Apple will be producing three sizes for the Apple iTV, which includes a 32-inch and 55-inch model. Much of the speculations are aligned with another separate piece of unconfirmed information that Japanese electronics maker Sharp is now in charge of making LCD screens for Apple. It is also possible that they will introduce their IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) screen eventually, which is capable of competing against OLED screen technology.

With the existence of Siri as a viable candidate for the Apple iTV's primary input interface, it is easy to see how the pieces of the puzzle are nearly complete for it to come forth and dominate living room spaces. Rumours are still rumours, however, as it is not the first time that Apple had revealed a product that is different to what the associated speculations had suggested. The truth will be revealed next year as it is said that the Apple iTV will go on sales then. 

Looks like the flames of another television war is about to be fuelled, just when we thought the platform was becoming obsolete.


Source: Pocket-lint, Smarthouse

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