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Apple iPad 3 to feature 3D display?

Apple iPad 2

With the Apple iPad 2 (above pic) recently made its way here to Singapore, rumours have already started on the upcoming iPad 3 tablet. According to sources, it looks like the iPad 3 may be incorporating a 3D display for viewing 3D content.

Rumors have it that the upcoming Apple iPad 3 tablet will feature a 3D display, though it has not been confirmed if that would require the 3D glasses or the display itself is the glassless 3D type. According to RCR Wireless blog, the rumor was tipped off by a Hollwood insider close to the big movie studios. It isn't at all surprising that the iPad 3 will have such feature since 3D content are getting popular ever since the movie Avatar and companies coming up with 3D content, 3D TVs and even smartphones with glassless 3D capabilities.

It is still too early to tell how different the 3D feature of the iPad 3 will be. Currently on the market, the LG Optimus Pad claims to be able to record videos in 3D, and output via HDMI port to a 3D TV. The BlackBerry PlayBook can output stereoscopic 3D visuals to a larger display. But with the iPad 2 just launched recently in Asia, we probably won't see the iPad 3 anytime soon.

Source: PC World

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