Apple has now issued a warning, urging customers in China to only use original chargers with its products. The warning comes after a couple of electrocution incidents were caused by counterfeit Apple chargers.


Both tragic stories were reported last week. First we heard that a flight attendant had been electrocuted as she tried charging her iPhone 4 using a fake charger. As soon as the incident, which caused her death, came to light, Apple issued a statement that it would investigate the incident. A few days later we heard that a man was electrocuted as he tried charging his iPhone 4, also through a fake charger. The man was said to have entered in to a coma.

Counterfeit products are easy to come by in China. The country is well known for the fake and knock off products that are produced in large number there. It is ironic to note that the original Apple chargers as well as products are made in China as well. Nevertheless, Apple has now posted a warning on its Chinese website. It implores customers that they only use original chargers for their Apple devices. The company has listed a couple of ways through which customers can determine if the charger they have bought is authentic or not.