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Apple is on a hiring spree in China and Taiwan to accelerate product releases

The company is reportedly hiring talent from various rivals, including Taiwan-based HTC.

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Apple’s product release cycles have often been questioned, some believe that the one year gaps between subsequent product releases are too long and that it should speed things up. This hiring spree could very well mark the start of that.

Citing people familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is now hiring hundreds of new engineers and supply chain managers in both China and Taiwan. Apparently the company is building up teams in Shanghai and Taipei, and that they will be tasked with not only accelerating product launches, but also working on a wider range of new devices. It is said that the company has even reached out to individual engineers, particularly those working for its rivals. HTC stands to lose quite a bit of talent at the hands of this hiring spree, given that the company has been in a financial slump for over a year now and employees could very well be looking for new opportunities.

Since there’s no confirmation from Apple, it isn’t known exactly how many new people have been brought in to the company’s ranks. The report claims that dozens of supply chain managers are being hired primarily to keep an eye on the company’s suppliers and manufacturing partners, who often find themselves under the spotlight due to potential labor violations. Apple has been working hard over the past few years to ensure its partners are diligent about conditions the workers are subjected to.

It isn’t entirely clear from the report that whether Apple’s new hiring spree will bring about a reduction in the time spent between product launches or if it will bring a variety of new products alongside it as well? In recent months the company and even its CEO have hinted that Apple is ready to enter into new product categories, so its possible that Apple might be gearing up to do just that.

Source: WSJ

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