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Apple expected to launch 12-inch MacBook Air in the fall

The redesigned MacBook Air will sport a 12-inch high resolution display and an Intel Haswell processor.


Apple’s MacBook Air lineup consists of two display sizes, 11.6 and 13.3-inches; it has always been like this since the 11-inch edition was introduced in late-2010. While the Macbook Air has its fans, everyone knows that the displays aren’t as good as the ones on Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro. Can Apple come up with a notebook that offers similar display quality but at a significantly lower price?

For long it has been rumored that Apple will update the MacBook Air lineup with Retina display, but even last year’s refresh didn’t bring it. There have also been multiple rumors about the company developing a new MacBook Air. The existing models haven’t received any major design changes since they were first launched. The 12-inch MacBook Air that Apple is reportedly working on comes with a new design as well as a revamped trackpad. It’s also rumored to have a high resolution display that could possibly be a Retina display.

This new Macbook Air is also going to be a lot slim and thin than other notebooks in the lineup, that’s because the 12-inch MacBook Air is expected to have a fan-less assembly. Its redesigned trackpad might not have a mechanical button, like existing MacBooks do. Apple already has a patent for a button-less trackpad that relies on sensors and an actuator to replicate the feeling of tactile feedback and still offer similar functionality. These changes will free up considerable space, allowing Apple to make the notebook thinner and lighter than all others in the lineup.

Hardware specifications have not been rumored, but the 12-inch MacBook Air can be expected to tout Intel Haswell processors. Though its possible that it may not be as powerful as the Retina MacBook Pros, to keep the price tag down Apple would have to opt for components that are cheaper. The refreshed MacBook Air lineup is expected in a couple of months. Rumor has it that MacBook Pro lineup will be updated in September.

Source:  Weiphone

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