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Apple executives leave company

Two Apple executives are leaving the company, much to industry's surprise.

iOS VP Scott Forstall and retail VP John Browett will be leaving Apple. Forestall's management team will be assuming his responsibilities, while the retail team will be reporting to Tim Cook directly, until further notice. Apple announced the news via press release only a short time after Google and Microsoft both made big product announcements.

Forstall and Browett

Forstall has been working for Apple since 1997, when Steve Jobs hired him for NeXT. Eventually, he became a manager for the development of Mac OS X and later, of Apple's iOS, with around 1000 people working under him.

“He’s clearly a highly visible senior leader on the Apple team, having driven the success of iOS,” explains analyst Charles Golvin.

There have been a few signs that Forstall was about to leave. In may, he sold 95% of his company stock, and though he is ever present at Apple's press conferences, he was nowhere to be found on the last one.

The loss of Browett is perhaps less surprising, as he recently laid off parts of Apple's retail staff to manage cut-backs; something which was largely regarded as a mistake. The lay offs were, in fact, reversed very quickly.

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