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Apple doesn’t own beauty and sexy says Samsung

Samsung argues that Apple doesn’t own things like beauty and sexy in its attempt to lower or eliminate any notions that the South Korean tech company has infringed on any of Apple’s patents.


What drives more people to consume Samsung products than Apple’s, or vice versa?  Certainly, both companies have some compelling products, but which brand is more beautiful and sexy?  More importantly, which of the two brands own “beautiful and sexy?”

The clear answer here is: No single entity owns such things as beauty and sexy.  This is, of course, Samsung’s rebuttal to Apple’s accusation that the South Korea-based tech company is infringing various Apple patents.

Apple is asking for nearly $400 million in damages in court, and Samsung is asking the jury to lighten the load and downsizing that fine to $52 million.  Aside from the number written on the check, the court’s decision on who the victor is will have long-lasting impacts on both businesses.

The two tech giants are trading blows in the market place and in the court room.  Most average consumers could care less about the later of the two battle fronts.  We, the consumers, are the beautiful and sexy ones.

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