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Apple claims demand for new Mac Pro is ‘great’ as shipping estimates slip into 2014

A demand supply gap might already be brewing up as Apple says demand for its new Mac Pro is “great.”


Apple first teased the all new Mac Pro earlier this year at the WWDC. It comes with an all new design and with powerful internal hardware options that are likely to entice a lot of power users. The new Mac Pro went on sale yesterday with shipping of base models promised to start by December 30. However it appears that the company has run out of initial supply, because now shipping estimates have slipped well into next year, some configure to order units might not ship until March 2014.

An Apple spokesman confirmed to Forbes that it is going to take some time before the company is able to ensure that supply catches up with demand, boasting that the “demand for the all new Mac Pro is great.” Its possible that the shipping delays are due to low production volume, higher sales than Apple originally expected, or a combination of both. It should be kept in mind that the new Mac Pro is the first Apple product in over a decade that’s being assembled in the U.S., Apple is assembling the computer at its new facility in Austin, Texas.

People who are in the market right now for a new Mac Pro might have to wait for a few months. Those who are content with purchasing base models might be able to get them from retailers, who themselves are bound to have limited stock available.

Source: Forbes

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