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Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at ‘new product categories’

This isn’t the first time such a statement has been made, without dropping any hints whatsoever.


There has been a lot of talk about Apple’s interest in new product categories. Some believe that the company will jump on the wearable bandwagon with the iWatch, expected to be released later this year. Others are of the view that Apple seeks to revolutionize the TV industry with the iTV. These rumors have been going around for a couple of years now, but all the company has done in these years is refresh its existing product lines. The world wants to see something new, literally new, not just an update of an existing product. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “there will be new categories,” without disclosing exactly what kind of products we can expect.

As always, Cook chose to withhold the important stuff. He said that while the company is working on “some really great stuff,” we’re not ready to talk about it.” When asked if these new product categories were improvements to the existing product lines or if the company is working on entirely new products and services, Cook declined to answer, simply saying that any “reasonable” person would consider said products to be an entirely new category for the company.

The rumor mill is already full of all kinds of theories. There’s the iWatch, the iTV and then there are rumors that perhaps Apple is going to release an iPhone Phablet or an iPad Pro, larger variants of its flagship smartphone and tablet. Its absolutely not known at this point in time what Cook was referring to in the interview, moreover he doesn’t exactly say when these new products will hit the market. All we can do until then is wait.

Source: WSJ

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