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Apple, Best Buy and Staples to match Walmart’s reduced 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air price in stores

Walmart, a big retailer, has been seen to offer base models of new Apple products at a slightly reduced price particularly this year. It did the same with the iPad Air, though this time around, Apple and a couple of other retailers have decided to match its price.


After the iPad Air was announced on October 22, and Apple confirmed that the 16GB Wi-Fi base model would retain its $499 price point, Walmart announced that it too will sell the tablet come November 1, though it would offer the base model for $20 less, at just $479. The retailer offers an incentive for customers who want more bang for their buck, while increasing in store sales for Walmart.

The iPad Air has gone on sale today, it is available through various retailers, resellers, and Apple’s own retail stores. It has been confirmed that Best Buy, Staples and even Apple will be matching the $479 price point for the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air in stores. Staples is actually offering the same price online as well, whereas Apple and Best Buy are sticking with the $499 MSRP on their online stores. RadioShack, another major retailer, will start selling the tablet today, it will offer increase value for old iPads that are brought for a trade-in, though its not going to offer the new tablet’s base model for $479 like its rivals.

iPad Air stock at Apple Retail Stores as well as at retailers and resellers is expected to be in abundance, there have been no rumors of supply shortages, it is also likely to offer an in store pickup service to customers.

Source: 9to5Mac

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