Have you purchased an iMac with a 1TB hard disk any time between May and July this year? If so, you might want to consult Apple's web site to see if you qualify for a free replacement of sorts; this is because the Cupertino giant has annouced a replacement program for a "very small number" of 1TB Seagate hard disks which are currently being used in the iMacs, claiming that the aforementioned hard disks sport an issue which could cause it to "fail under certain conditions".

Apple users, especially iMac owners who have bought their machines recently this year might want to take note of Apple's latest announcement. Apparently, the Cupertino giant has discovered that some of the 1TB Seagate hard disks that are currently being used in its 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs are currently affected by an issue which could cause it to "fail under certain conditions".

Apple has not disclosed any details about the alleged issue which could cause the aforementioned hard disk to fail prematurely, although it did mention that the issue is currently isolated to only "a very small number" of hard disks, and only on iMacs which were sold between May and July this year. To resolve this issue, the company has announced the commencement of a "Hard Drive Replacement Program" for the aforementioned iMacs, and that it has already sent out emails to consumers who are currently in the possession of an affected machine to inform them about the program. In addition, users can also visit Apple's support page here to check if their machines are eligible for the free hard disk replacement program, although they will need to supply their iMac's serial number if they wish to perform the manual verification.

Lastly, Apple has announced on its support page that the hard disk replacement program will run until July 23 next year, so there is more than enough time to back up your work before making an appointment with Apple to have the faulty hard disk replaced.

Source: Macworld