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AOC e2343F First Looks; AOC launches world’s thinnest LED LCD monitor

Here’s a comparison between a conventional CCFL-backlit LCD monitor and the AOC Razor LED. Note how screen technology and design has evolved over the years and how thin the AOC really is.

If you’re still not convinced, please welcome our rusty trusty metal ruler… The Razor LED is about 1.3cm (or 1.29cm according to specifications) or just half an inch thick.


Instead of using conventional buttons, AOC has opted to go with an illuminated touch-sensitive overlay on the base. The overlay is marked discretely by small icons in white.


When the monitor is in standby, the Power indicator glows red.


During normal operation, the Power indicator glows white. However, when you tap the rightmost pad to access the On-Screen Display (OSD), all five indicator LEDs will turn on.



The Razor LED uses a TN panel; it sports a viewing angle of 170° horizontal and 160° vertical. Viewing content from the side was not a problem, but viewing from top down or bottom up saw quite drastic color inversions – a trait of TN panels.

Backlighting was pretty uniform, and day-to-day content was rendered with good contrast and saturation.

A quick power consumption test, our conventional 19-inch CCFL-backlit monitor drew about 23.5W from the mains socket. The much larger 23-inch AOC e2343F drew only 25W.


AOC uses a graphical OSD menu on its Razor LED series.


Users are able to select color temperature (warm, normal, cool, sRGB and user defined). Contrast and brightness are adjustable as well.

There are five power saving modes available, ranging from text display to gaming, to movies. Dynamic Contrast Ratio can also be switched on or off.


More user customizable settings available, including picture boost and various color boost enhancements.


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