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Antec’s HCP-1300 Platinum PSU is catered to high-end gamers

The Antec HCP-1300 Platinum is a highly efficient modular PSU that delivers 1300W of continuous power.


Antec is one of the oldest names in the enthusiast DIY market, and while it has diversified into other categories like cases and cooling solutions, power supplies is where it started out in. Its latest offering in this category is the HCP-1300 Platinum. HCP stands for High Current Pro, and as the name indicates, is geared toward efficiency. The HCP series features the higher-end models that Antec has to offer, and the HCP-1300 Platinum is the largest of the lot.


The HCP-1300 Platinum comes with four 12v rails that deliver a total of 1300W. A unique feature on the HCP-1300 Platinum is OC Link, which allows for two PSUs to be connected in tandem. Antec claims that this use case is designed to benefit Bitcoin miners. The unit is 80 Plus Platinum certified and is said to deliver an efficiency of over 94 percent. The inclusion of a large 135 mm overhead fan means that the unit runs relatively quiet. We use the term relative as it is a 1300W unit. It is bound to be loud when under full load, but then again there isn’t a PSU available today that isn’t. However, even under full load, the fan produces a noise of 43.4 dBA.


The PSU comes with a 20+8-pin MBU socket, 10 8-pin PCIe connectors, 9 SATA connectors, and 6 Molex connectors. All connectors are darkened to minimize visibility in a windowed chassis. Most windowed chassis come with an efficient cable management feature nowadays, but it is still a nice touch from Antec. The unit has 16-pin sockets that are fully modular, so even if new power connectors are introduced in the future, you would not have to switch PSUs as Antec will make new cables available. The HCP-1300 Platinum also comes with a Thermal Manager fan control utility that allows for better heat and noise management.

Antec also mentions that the HCP-1300 Platinum features CircuitShield protection that comes with Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection and others. In short, the PSU continues to function under the most demanding of conditions. The HCP-1300 Platinum is backed by Antec’s seven year warranty, and is available for $334.

Source: Antec

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