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Antec Solo II Case Review

The Solo II features a very simple, understated design, even simpler than the design of the original Solo case. Instead of using two colors, Antec went with an all black paintjob and with a very delicate, rectangular design without any sharp curves or edges. The Solo II is notably shorter than most ATX tower cases, measuring only 50cm tall.

The dark faceplate of the Solo II is entirely plain, with even the company logo so lightly engraved at the bottom that it is not visible from a distance. Antec made the faceplate out of plastic but sprayed it with the same piano black reflective paint as the rest of the case. There are no holes or any openings; the air intake vents are being formed at the sides of the faceplate.


Antec placed the two perfectly round power buttons and the I/O ports at the bottom right side of the faceplate. The company went all-USB with their new case, installing two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and the usual 3.5” headphone jacks.

The rear of the Antec Solo II is all black, like the rest of the case. There are no holes for watercooling hoses or any other special features, hinting us that the Solo II was not designed with hardcore overclockers and modders in mind.

A ventilation opening, about the size of a 120mm fan, is present at the top panel of the case. This opening serves as an air intake for the power supply, not as an exhaust vent.

The side panels of the Antec Solo II are entirely flat and plain, free of any engravings and holes. Antec however installed a thin 1mm layer of sound absorbing polycarbonate on the inside of both side panels, partially blocking the sound generated by the PC components from escaping to the outside of the case.

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